Namara Improvements

Written by Jordan Bibla

May 5, 2017
For the past few weeks we've spent some time improving the data set tables. This core feature needs to accommodate a great diversity of data and we wanted to improve the way our users can interact with the table on our platform. Here is an overview of some key improvements.

  • Data set table and project table filters, sorts, and select distincts appear in URL for improved shareability and usability.
  • Data set tables now support dynamic column widths.
Dynamic column widths.
  • New SQL style Select Distinct toggle on data set table columns.
Select distinct for distinct values in the column.
  • New Null / Not Null toggle for seeing or hiding cells with null values.
Click “Null” or “Not Null” to filter the columns cells.
  • Double-click on a table cell to reveal the new Cell Action Menu. This feature provides the ability to expand a cell to see the full value, copy the cell value, and “filter by” the selected cell.
Double-click a table cell to reveal the Cell Action Menu (Expand, Copy, Filter By).
  • Applied filters, sorts, and distincts will appear in a filter list on data sets and maps to make seeing table manipulations more obvious and to make applied manipulations easier to remove.
  • Filter list will persist from table to map.
Filter list on table persists on map view.
  • Reset all filters button for when a user has filtered out all the data.
Having too much fun with filters? Reset all filters button.
  • Project table now has a small ‘?’ for column definitions and explanations.
Click the ‘?’ to learn more about project table columns.
  • Imported data sets will now have a Download tab for easier downloading without having to add data to a project (API access still requires the data being in a project).
New Download tab for easier downloading with link to source.


For more information on how to use Namara or to request a demo, please contact us